The single action proven to sell your home quickly

Staging Overview

At Robert Federighi, we work directly with the owner and agent to show the property to its best advantage, transforming its image to make the home irresistible to buyers. Each home staged is crafted to embody value, comfort and purpose. This helps potential buyers form a good idea of how their own furnishings would work in that environment. With staging we are selling a lifestyle, not just a home. And in order to create environments from formal to casual, classic to modern, just like theatrical designers, we have a multitude of top quality props to work with.

Our company has over 20,000 square feet of warehouse space stocked with high end designer furniture, custom artwork and accessories handpicked by our designers.

Our inventory is constantly rotating to ensure that we can transition quickly with design trends. Classic, contemporary, modern, modern farm and mid-century modern we can perform with custom upholstered fine furniture, custom canvas, print and photography artwork, bespoke draperies, chandeliers and light fixtures, rug selections and accessories from all around the world.

At any given time we have the resources to stage up to 40 homes creating layered, textured looks based on interior design principles.

Staging Services Include

  • Analyzing the space to determine what, if any, cosmetic work (painting, carpeting, etc.) needs to be done.
  • Choosing furnishings from our inventory that will create the most impact while working with the homes’ interior architecture.
  • Installing furnishings, artwork, and accessories in the home.
  • Removal of furnishings, once the home has sold or two-month contract has expired.

Staging is Important

A staged home sells faster and for more money that an un-staged home. This is key. It can mean the difference between a house that moves in a week, and one that takes months to sell.

First Impressions Last

Staged homes are designed to help prospective buyers imagine living there. These homes are carefully crafted to present a lifestyle that buyers find appealing, intriguing and inviting. The higher the home is priced, the more excitement buyers will expect to see. People want and need to be inspired when they walk in.

In the past five years, Robert Federighi has staged almost 400 homes in the San Francisco Bay Area — one of the hottest and most challenging real estate markets in North America.

As professional stagers with extensive design backgrounds, we have developed sure-fire techniques to transform your home into a showplace for sale. We would welcome the opportunity to work with you, so that you will get the most return out of your real estate investment.

~Robert Federighi